Want to learn more about Dr. Patel’s journey to providing dental sleep medicine services while also helping other dentists do the same? You’re in luck! Dr. Patel recently appeared on The ZZZ Pack Podcast

While on the podcast, Dr. Patel shared about the one thing he has observed in all his courses that separates successful dental sleep medicine practices from those that fail to make an impact and continue strong into the future. 

When you think about COVID-19, depression and parafunction, is there an overlap? You will learn more about this connection as well as bite splints, UARS and headaches. Then, another connection to keep in mind is orofacial pain, TMD and sleep. 

During The ZZZ Pack Podcast, Dr. Patel talks about his journey and how it started in Zimbabwe and led to Arkansas. Following that, he eventually went on to finish dental school at the age of 22. It might be hard to believe, but it is true! Dr. Patel’s journey to a dental sleep medicine and craniofacial pain specialist has been unique and you can learn all about it in the podcast.

What are you waiting for? Go to the Dental Sleep Practice’s ZZZ Pack Podcast and listen to Dr. Patel’s story now!