The Ben-Pat Institute is dedicated to advancing the skills of clinicians in the fields of Orofacial Pain (OFP), Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), and Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM). With a focus on case-based didactic learning, the institute ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of examination, diagnosis, and treatment plans, which are essential for clinical practice.

Why Choose Ben-Pat Institute?

At Ben-Pat Institute, our mission is to build confidence in your diagnostic and treatment planning skills. Our hands-on components ensure that you can successfully implement these concepts in your practice. With over 46 years of combined clinical experience, our faculty, including Dr. Terry Bennett and Dr. Mayoor Patel, provide invaluable insights into troubleshooting non-responsive treatments, enhancing your ability to deliver exceptional patient care.

Course Offerings

Our courses are designed to integrate the latest research and practical applications. For example, the Tufts – OFP/TMD and DSM Mini-Residency offers an in-depth exploration of these disciplines, providing you with the knowledge to improve your practice immediately.


Our alumni consistently praise our courses for their practical application and the expertise of our instructors. Dentists like Dr. Meghna Dassani, Dr. J. Paul Diaz, and Dr. Brandon Snell have found our programs transformative, enabling them to apply new skills directly in their practices and achieve better patient outcomes.

Join Us

Ready to elevate your practice? Explore our course offerings and see how the Ben-Pat Institute can help you become a more skilled clinician. Visit Ben-Pat Institute to learn more and register for our upcoming courses.

By integrating the Ben-Pat Institute’s training into your practice, you will gain not only advanced clinical knowledge but also the practical skills necessary to enhance patient care and grow your expertise in dental sleep medicine and orofacial pain management.