I have had the pleasure of working with Mayoor for many years. I am impressed with his dedication to the field of Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. We have attended many conferences together and his thirst for more knowledge is an admirable trait. He has always been more than willing to share any new “tricks of the trade” that he has learned and has put into his practice. If you are his patient, you can be sure that you are being treated with the latest and most up to date techniques that are available. I highly recommend Mayoor as a doctor and as a friend.

Terry Bennett, DMD

Dr. Patel is extremely knowledgeable in the treatment of sleep apnea, TMD, and craniofacial pain. I am extremely confident referring my patients to him and appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge with me.

Tina Herington, DMD

I have known Dr. Mayoor Patel for 20+ years and do not know of any other practitioner that is so dedicated to learning and constantly educating himself. He doesn’t stop there…he is always willing to teach and help other doctors raise the standard of care. Highly recommend him for consulting, teaching and personalized hands-on care.

Rohit Keshav, DDS

I have known Dr. Mayoor Patel for many years. He is well known and liked by the community. He has tremendous knowledge in the field of TMD/craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. I look to Dr. Patel for his expertise when I want the best for my patients. I would recommend Dr. Patel without reservation.

Sandeep Pathak, DMD, MD, FACS

I have known and trained with Dr. Patel for over a decade and know him to be the consummate professional. He is a “happy” individual with a curious mind that results in a ever expanding knowledge base that benefits his patients. I have referred patients to him and would travel to be treated by him myself if necessary, as I don’t trust too many doctors in this world. Dr. Patel is the exception.

Calvin A. Fritzsche, DDS

Dr. Patel has a wealth of knowledge and is viewed as an expert in the field of Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. He is passionate in what he does and it shows in his work as he treats patients and educates other health care professionals.

Gary Demerjian, DDS

Dr. Patel’s excitement, passion and vast knowledge of dental sleep medicine created the perfect environment for learning. His lectures are interactive and informative with content that is easily transferrable to everyday practice. I highly recommend anyone interested in successfully incorporating dental sleep medicine into their practice to attend Dr. Patel’s courses!

Cindy Wolt, DDS

Mayoor, thanks for sending me a copy of your book. I just had an opportunity to take a look. The information you and Dr. Dillard present is very useful and I don’t know of another quality publication that covers the options so well.  Congratulations and I hope it is a big success!

Russell Rosenberg, Ph.D, D.ABSM

Combine an insatiable thirst for knowledge with an entrepreneurial-like desire to find the greatest tools/techniques and you’ve got Mayoor.  How could you not get excited about sleep/TMD after hearing someone like that speak?  I highly recommend seeking out his next lecture series!

Jessica Wagner Sabo, DDS

I recently had the fortune of attending Dr. Patel’s “Airway, Bruxism and Crainiofacial pain” course. I will honestly say this was one of the best courses I have attended, as it filled in many missing pieces of information for me.  The topics were presented in a very clear manner, backed by scientific research and coupled with practical tips and ideas. Dr. Patel’s enthusiasm for this material is contagious and I am looking forward to attending his next course!

Lindsey Deol, DDS

I decided to see more of Patel after the “Pinpoint the Pain” course and ended up here in Atlanta shadowing him in his office with my staff. He runs a great practice and the shadowing experience was excellent. We saw about 1/2 TMD related and 1/2 sleep related patients today. Mayoor was extremely willing to share his knowledge. Great guy and great educator. He is also sharp. If learning by shadowing works for you, and you are interested in the world of pain and/or sleep, hanging around Mayoor and his amazing girls for a day or two is a no-brainer.

Dr. Kevin Easley & staff from Anchorage, Alaska

Observing the diagnoses and carefully planned treatment of your patients together with our instructive discussions enabled me to bring to my practice skills that I can use to improve the treatment of my patients.  My sincere appreciation for sharing your knowledge with me.

Walt Pfitzinger, DDS, MS

I have loved watching you grow and teach. And so appreciate having any role in that growth. You rock!

Dr. Barry Glassman

Just finished the most amazing TMD and Pain course! Mayoor Patel you got it down! Amazing instructor,mentor and host. I highly recommend his course to all of my dental colleagues and friends. He will make you think and remind you that Dentists are Drs too, not just teeth mechanics! Thanks for all you do to give back to the profession. I know that my patients will appreciate your efforts.

Jared Waite, DDS

Mayoor, It was a pleasure being with you this weekend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thought the meeting was outstanding. I’m very impressed with you and your accomplishments and proud to say I know you. Keep up the good work and will look forward to seeing you soon.

Todd Stewart,DDS

Dr. Mayoor Patel is a fantastic and dynamic educator. His passion for teaching as well as his knowledge is tremendous. He ensures to engage his students into his lectures and makes it even fun and interactive. I learned best in a positive environment and he does just that! His lectures are methodical, organized and easy to follow. As a craniofacial pain doctor he brings in hefty knowledge and plenty of case studies so it makes sense and it sticks better. I recently took his Dental Sleep Medicine mini-residency and Pin Point the Pain and went back home each time implanting what I just learned. I highly recommend his courses, I have not taken all of his course, but planning to do so.

Sara Vizcarra, DDS

Dr. Patel brings an impressive level of expertise in Dental Sleep Medicine to his courses. But I believe his philosophy of treating patients with OSA based on a foundation of integrity, sound knowledge and skills and a true collaborative approach with a patient’s sleep physician is what sets him apart as an educator. I appreciated his down to earth teaching style and common sense approach to the daunting task of implementing treatment of OSA in a dental practice. Dr. Patel has the ability to simplify complex information and present well thought out action plans for the novice dentist as well as long time practitioner. He is genuinely and generously responsive to the participant’s questions and needs and is very engaging. He will keep definitely you awake with his interactive style of instruction and quick wit. I look forward to attending more of his educational programs.

Sunita Merriman,DDS

What I liked the most about Dr Patel how he SIMPLIFIED the whole process of diagnosing and treating Sleep Apnea and TMJ issues. I have been to most of his classes. Myself and my staff enjoyed very much learning from him. We now have the knowledge and the skills. Hands down he is the Best!.

Hassan Moeti, DMD

Successful Implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine Course by Dr. Patel is an excellent course. I found it to be very well structure, valuable and insightful. Dr. Patel has deep subject matter knowledge and makes the course very interesting with step-by-step guidance.  After the course, I feel confident to incorporate sleep medicine in my practice. I highly recommend this course.

Madhavi Chavda,DDS

Fun, focused and practical! I can’t believe that I can say this about a pain course, but Pinpoint the Pain is just that! Dr. Mayoor Patel is a dynamic presenter who encourages interaction for better learning, and the class is the perfect size to be engaged.  Support from the Nierman Practice management staff ensures that everyone is comfortable and well-fed (awesome snacks!).  A must for every dentist – whether you just want to know differential diagnoses and refer or you want to actually treat patients suffering from pain from non-odontogenic causes.  We all have them in our practice and taking this course definitely helped me care for my patients better.  The information was so applicable that I was using it in the office as soon as I got back.

Michelle Weddle, DDS, FAGD

I recently attended “Sleep, TMD & Craniofacial Pain” given by Mayoor Patel.  He is one of the best speakers I have heard in years.  Not only does he have a vast knowledge of dental sleep medicine and craniofacial pain but a willingness to share what he know.  As a speaker he has a great demeanor, very approachable and teaches in a manner that is both entertaining and educational.  I would highly recommend attending any seminar Mayoor teaches.

Mitch Conditt, DDS

Dr Patel’s lectures are bright, engaging, and informative. No matter what stage you are in your dental sleep practice, you will always leave with new concepts that you can use in your practice the next day. From clinical pearls to managing pain to marketing, Dr. Patel strips away the chaff and focuses on the practicality of Dental Sleep Medicine. I highly recommend his courses!

Alan Erickson, DDS

I met Mayoor some time ago and we very quickly became social media friends. I only met him recently and feel I have known him forever.  This is to his credit as he is a warm and engaging person who has no hesitation in sharing his views and his knowledge with anyone.  He was a guest speaker at our annual conference of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine and he stole the show. His depth of knowledge in the field of sleep medicine as well as TMD and CFP is at a level that I have not experienced before.  HIs delivery of the content of the course is interactive engaging and friendly.  All the delegates who were present, were very complimentary about him and have already asked for him to return next year.  That is the best feedback we could have wished for. Well done Mayoor, here it to the future

Aditi Desai, BDS, MS

Mayoor is one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers I have heard.  His way of explaining complex subjects is masterful and never disappoints.  A would highly recommend this course to anyone that wishes to know more about craniofacial pain diagnosis.

Carlos Wiesse, DDS

Having only recently discovered how rewarding it can be to provide care for patients who have sleep problems, I was so privileged to attend Dr Patel’s 2 day course in London. I quickly realised that during my 25 years of practicing dentistry, there have been many missed opportunities for myself but more importantly for the care I provided to my patients who would have benefited from Dental Sleep Medicine. The content of the course was extremely motivational, practical and evidence based and presented by Dr Patel who is passionate about sharing his skill and knowledge.   I regret it may have taken 25 years to attend the course but I look forward to developing my interest learning from one of the world leaders in the subject like Dr Patel, who I sincerely thank for a wonderful 2 days – they won’t be my last!

Paul Reaney, BSD, MGDP, DPDS

I attended Dr. Patel’s excellent sleep apnea treatment implementation course. Dr. Patel is an excellent teacher and has an ability to present the real “meat” of the subject with practical content that I was able to use as soon as I returned to my practice. By attending Dr. Patel’s course, I was able to have an adequate review of the science behind dental sleep medicine while learning many true treatment gems that are extremely useful in my practice. I learned more useful information in this two day course than I did in 3 days of other dental sleep medicine lectures. I look forward to attending more courses in the future.

Steven Bruderer, DMD

Dr. Patel, I want to let you know that I benefited, both personally and professionally by attending the AACP mini-residency.  I felt you and your fellow faculty at the AACP sleep apnea mini-residency were very well prepared and organized a first rate course.  I found your presentations especially practical and backed up w the literature.  I would strongly recommend that any dental professional, but especially orthodontists, become competent in recognizing the the signs and symptoms related sleep breathing disorder / sleep apnea.  And I can think of no better way to do that but to take the AACP sleep apnea mini-residency.   I thank you again, and I hope to keep in touch.

David Sabott, DDS, MS

I thought the Pinpoint the Pain course was very informative and Dr. Patel was great at delivering complicated information. Although much of what I learned will take some time to process and implement, there was plenty to take home and be able to use in the office on Monday morning.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in becoming a better diagnostician for facial pain.  Thanks Dr. Patel!

Leslie Monroe, DDS

Thank you for a great CE course. I find the course really informative. It completely exceeded my expectation and actually made me consider a career in orofacial pain. I will for sure see you in some of your other courses in the future.

Kai C. Chang, DDS

Dr. Patel is an amazing teacher well versed in his speciality. In my opinion , he is the only instructor who involves his participants in his speciality in such a way that there is not a boring moment while attending his lectures. I always love to attend his lectures. Hope he was near to where I practice or I was near his base so that I could gain more ongoing knowledge.

Aliakbar Noorani, DDS