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Ensuring Accuracy and Confidence in Diagnosis and Treatment

by Providing Personalized Education.

As an experienced practitioner in the area of Craniofacial Pain, Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Mayoor Patel welcomes dentists from all over the country. It is Dr. Patel’s goal to help dentists around the globe to better understand their role in diagnosing and managing patients with craniofacial pain and TMD as well as providing services in dental sleep medicine.

Since 2006, Dr. Mayoor Patel has been an active lecturer—sharing information with dentists from all areas. As a lecturer, Dr. Patel works with other dentists to enhance their practice and expand their experience so that they can continue to offer their patients superior dental health care.

While dental health care typically includes the basics, Dr. Patel takes dentistry to a whole new level by offering treatment of craniofacial pain, TMD and managing patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Through his lectures, Dr. Patel works with each dentist to ensure accuracy and confidence in diagnosis, management and treatment.

For more information on previous and upcoming lectures lead by Dr. Mayoor Patel, dentists are invited to explore his vast website. Dr. Patel is available to help you improve your practice through the availability of treating Craniofacial Pain, TMD and Sleep Apnea.

Take the next step toward improved diagnosis and treatment options by attending a lecture series lead by Dr. Mayoor Patel—an expert in Craniofacial Pain, TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine.

Mayoor Patel

Dental Sleep Medicine – A Clinical Guide

By G. Gary Demerjian, Mayoor Patel, Francesco Chiappelli, Andre Barkhordarian

This book is designed to enable dentists to understand various aspects of dental sleep medicine, and to recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders in their patients. It discusses potential negative impact of a sleep disorder on oral and systemic health, and shows how to collaborate with others in order to implement appropriate patient management. Each chapter is written by specialized researchers and clinicians in the field making the book a useful guide for dental clinicians all around the world.

Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, the Cure Doesn’t Have To

By David Dillard, Mayoor Patel

Obstructive sleep apnea quietly destroys memory, motivation, and even marriages. Jobs are lost, promotions delayed, and relationships strained. Performance and workplace safety is threatened, as is the ability to excel where the now-sleep-deprived once thrived. In this book, authors and doctors David Dillard and Mayoor Patel have teamed up to provide a uniquely comprehensive overview of sleep apnea from both an ENT and a dental perspective.

Take A Bite Out Of Pain

By Mayoor Patel, Sara Berg

Pain should never be ignored. Whether it is pain in your jaw, or what seems like a headache, don’t ignore the discomfort. Ignoring pain would be a waste of time, leading to further complications with your health.

Don’t just “put up with” pain—seek proper treatment. Pain is a complex and complicated symptom tuned by your brain, as it triggers every painful sensation. Are you just going to sit there and wish the pain away? No, absolutely not.