Visit us for 1, 2, or 3 days for our “Over-the Shoulder” seminar is your opportunity to experience firsthand how I run a successful dental sleep medicine and TMD practice. Having a credentialed mentor can help propel you and your team to the next level in expanding your practice. By shadowing a successful practice and discussing how to overcome specific roadblocks you may be facing, the pieces will come together at a much faster rate than trying to do it all on your own.

Learn The Blueprints of a Successful Sleep Medicine/Pain Practice First-Hand.
The most successful individuals had to start somewhere. Just as many people complete internships before they move on to their careers, we understand that dental practices, too, need to gain experience through the guidance of a successful Dental Sleep Medicine and Pain Management practice.

Dentists and their teams will be able to both watch their mentor work and see their staff in action. By shadowing the practice throughout the day, dentists will be able to see how their mentor interacts with patients as part of their regularly scheduled days. Each day will vary, but dentists and their teams will have a chance to see the process of interviewing and working with a pain and/or sleep patient, as well as following up with patients on the delivery of sleep and TMJ appliances, and troubleshooting appliances if not properly working.

This Over-the-Shoulder course is perfect for practices that have taken several courses already and are ready for a dedicated hands-on learning experience that will be essential to their growth as a sleep medicine dentist.

“Mayoor – Thank you so much for an amazing 2 days. Danielle and I are equally impressed and inspired by what you’ve accomplished in this field.  You definitley are a dental provider that all of us in this field should attempt to emulate.. I am so grateful to have met you and to have learned from you. I know I’m a better health care provider because of you. Coming to see you and your awesome team really put things together for me. We’ve already implemented much of what we’ve learned even in the first week coming back to work. Its unbelievable when you are aware of things how much you notice and how much you realize you’ve missed.. Well I’m super excited to get more involved and continue my education in this field. Thanks for everything. I know I definitely will be coming back or seeing you soon at one of your courses in florida. All the best”
Cindy Wolt, DDS