That’s right, we have updated our orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine program. Instead of the first session in August, we have moved to September 23 and 24 for the first session of our third class. If you are searching for how to provide advanced care for your patients, we can’t wait to see you at our upcoming four-session orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine program that begins September 23 (even if you choose the virtual option). 

For this program, we’re taking a new approach to providing continuing dental education to dentists and their teams across the country. This hybrid approach allows for flexibility, convenience and travel cost savings, which means you can join us in whatever way works best for you.

This is what you will learn

By joining our four-session program on orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine, you will have several hands-on learning opportunities. Through hands-on learning, you can enhance your understanding of these important topics and improve your ability to provide advanced services for your patients.

During our time together, you will learn:

  • The importance of anatomy and neuroanatomy as it applies to pain and sleep.
  • Pain and sleep history as well as the relevance of asking the questions and its impact on your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Skills to perform a comprehensive examination for pain and sleep patients.
  • How to diagnose the various TMD and orofacial pain conditions and manage them.
  • To get paid for your services and build a pain and sleep practice.
  • Imaging and its findings as it impacts your treatment plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today before space fill up and take the next step needed to offer orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine services at your practice.