Imagine a world where every breath you take during sleep contributes to your overall vitality. This is the transformative promise of dental sleep medicine, a field where the quality of sleep can significantly impact health and well-being. Our course is designed to equip dental professionals with the skills and knowledge to master this critical discipline, expanding their expertise beyond the oral cavity to the intricacies of sleep.

Sleep apnea is a silent epidemic affecting millions worldwide. In the United States alone, about 22 million people suffer from sleep apnea, with an alarming 80% of moderate and severe cases going undiagnosed. This significant gap in care presents a unique opportunity for dentists to play a crucial role in bridging the gap between dental health and overall well-being. Our course offers both foundational knowledge and advanced practice to help you step into this vital role.

During our comprehensive course, you will delve into the world of dental sleep medicine through hands-on learning experiences. You will gain the skills to perform specialized examinations, take precise protrusive bites for sleep appliances, and fit these life-altering devices. By mastering these techniques, you will be able to provide effective treatments for sleep apnea, improving the quality of life for your patients.

The course is divided into two sessions, held in Portland, that will guide you through the depths of night, where every intervention can lead to mornings filled with vitality. This is not just a continuing education opportunity—it’s a call to action to enhance lives even when the lights go out. By integrating dental sleep medicine into your practice, you can offer a comprehensive approach to patient care that extends beyond traditional dentistry.

In addition to clinical skills, our course also covers the physiology of normal and abnormal sleep, the role of dentistry in identifying patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and various treatment options for OSA. You will also learn how to market your sleep practice and build relationships to ensure your success in this specialized field.

Join us in Portland at the TC Dental Laboratory on September 27-28, 2024, for Session 1 and November 1-2, 2024, for Session 2. With an investment of $4995, you will earn 30 CEUs and gain invaluable skills that can transform your practice and the lives of your patients. Let’s breathe new life into dental care, one restful night at a time.