Time is of the essence, and your window to join the ranks of skilled clinicians at the Ben-Pat Institute’s Injection and Botox Course is closing fast. This is the final call to secure your spot in a course that promises not just to enhance your practice, but to revolutionize the way you approach patient care.

The countdown begin

As the course commencement date draws near, we urge you not to miss out on this unique opportunity. Registration is almost at capacity, and we want to ensure that dedicated professionals like you have the chance to participate.

Why you can’t afford to miss this

This course is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s an investment in your career. The techniques and knowledge gained here will serve you and your patients for years to come.

With 12 CEUs available and 25 units of botulinum toxin included with your registration, the value of this course extends far beyond the classroom.

Your path to mastery

Take this final opportunity to master a range of injection techniques from advanced trigger point injections to Botox applications for chronic pain management.

Experience the unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can only be acquired through hands-on learning with expert faculty.

Last-minute details

The course will be held on March 1-2 in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Ensure your travel plans are in place for a smooth and stress-free educational experience. At a cost of $1,995, the investment in this course pales in comparison to the benefits it brings to your practice and the well-being of your patients.

Final call to action

This is not just another training program; it’s a pivotal step towards excellence in your clinical practice. Make the decision to be proactive in your professional development. Join a community of forward-thinking clinicians who are setting the standards in comprehensive patient care.

Don’t let hesitation stand in the way of progress. Act now, visit www.benpatinstitute.com, or call (918) 633-2778 to register before the last seat is taken. The future of pain management and injection therapy is here, and it’s waiting for you. Secure your place today and be part of an elite group that’s moving the field forward, one injection at a time.