At Ben-Pat Institute, we are excited about our comprehensive orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine program. This program is aimed at providing practicing dentists with hands-on clinical experience in all aspects of oral appliance therapy for treatment of sleep apnea, TMD and orofacial pain. The expertise gained from this program will enable the practitioner to successfully manage obstructive sleep apnea and disruptive snoring, and understand the diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain and TMD. 

This is a four-session, eight day program that is ideal for dentists just beginning or for those who are experienced in the treatment of sleep apnea, orofacial pain and TMD who want to learn even more. Here is what to expect with each session. 

Session one

The first session of this program takes place August 26 and 27. For the first day, we will cover:

  • Anatomy related to sleep and TMD.
  • Neuroanatomy and basic concept of pain science of pain.
  • TMJ disorders.
  • Muscle disorders.

On the second day, some prepared to learn about:

  • Physiology of normal and abnormal sleep.
  • Classification of sleep disorders and HST/PSG.
  • Screening for dental sleep medicine and identifying patients within your practice.
  • Treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea.

Session two

The second session of this program will take place September 23-24 and is a hands-on portion of the program. For the first day, we will learn more about:

  • History taking in orofacial pain. 
  • TMJ evaluation, ROM, cranial nerve evaluation, muscle palpation workshop.
  • Imaging for TMD and sleep.
  • Understanding oral appliance therapy for pain and sleep.

For the second day, we will cover:

  • Bite relationships lecture and taking bites for sleep. 
  • Hands on fitting temp appliance.
  • Oral appliance selection and procedures.
  • Lecture portion on injections.
  • Hands-on portion on injections.

Session three

Next up, session three will occur November 4-5 with the first day covering the following information: 

  • Sleep bruxism, TMD-orofacial pain and sleep breathing interactions.
  • TMJ splint therapy.
  • Neurovascular and neuropathic pain.
  • Adjunct therapy for pain management.
  • Getting paid and understanding billing.

Then, for day two, we will cover: 

  • Pharmacology for pain.
  • Common craniofacial pain disorders.
  • Why multiple disciplines in management of pain.
  • Managing complications and understanding success in dental sleep medicine.
  • Sleep and pain relationship–triage and managing both conditions.
  • Building a TMD and dental sleep medicine practice.
  • Pain and mental health.

Session four

The last session will be December 2-3 and will cover the following on the first day:

  • Titration and delivery of appliance process.
  • Appliance delivery for sleep and fabricate AM aligners.
  • Taking bites for TMD appliances. Fabricating temporary splints.
  • Interactive case studies with student participation.

For the second (and last) day  of the program, we will cover:

  • Pediatric sleep.
  • Pediatric sleep management.
  • Physical therapy for pain.
  • Nutrition and essential oils for pain control.
  • Questions and review.

But spaces are limited, so make sure to register today. We look forward to you joining us to take the next steps for improving your dental practice.