As we continue to navigate the pandemic and its impact on health conditions, there have been some bright spots recently. We know that sleep apnea and, in turn, obesity can lead to severe outcomes from COVID-19, which makes it imperative that we continue to help our patients find relief from their sleep apnea. 

To help in that fight, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved marketing of a new device that can help patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. 

What is the device?

The device is the first of its kind. It is intended to be used during the day for only about 20 minutes. This, as you know, is different from other devices that are used while the person sleeps. What the FDA found is that this device reduced loud snoring by more than 20% in 87 out of 115 patients.

Called eXciteOSA, the device’s mouthpiece has four electrodes–two located above the tongue and two under the tongue. Through this, it provides electrical muscle stimulation in sessions that consist of a series of electrical pulses with rest periods in between. The device should be used for 20 minutes once a day while the patient is awake for six weeks and once a week thereafter. 

Having this additional option seems like a win for patients with sleep apnea. Have you heard of this device? Will you add this to your list of devices for your patients?