Have you ever been curious about injections for treatment of your pain patients? It is an area that not many may be experts in, but at Ben-Pat Institute we are here to help you. We are excited to offer a hands-on continuing education course April 22-23 to help sharpen your skills in various intra- and extra-oral injection techniques necessary to complement the treatment of pain patients. 

Here is the course

This is a hands-on course where you will learn about various intra- and extra-oral injection techniques. Registrants will also learn how Botox can be a valuable adjunctive therapy. Our course will include a thorough review of head and neck anatomy. We will also carefully demonstrate when and where injections may be used.

Each student who signs up and joins us for this injection course will also have the opportunity to observe techniques and then perform the injections under close faculty supervision.

What injections you will learn

Some of the many injections that we will be teaching you in this course include:

  • Advanced trigger point injections for myofascial problems.
  • TMJ injections for unlocking, prolotherapy and diagnostic purposes.
  • Greater occipital injections for occipital neuralgia.
  • Nerve blocks for the treatment of myofascial pain, facial neuralgias and headaches.
  • Temporalis tendon injections.

Remember, spaces are limited so sign up today! We hope to see you there April 22-23 in Atlanta, Georgia!