We have exciting news. Starting October 13 will be another mini residency on dental sleep medicine and craniofacial pain. Ben-Pat Institute and Tufts University are partnering to provide continuing dental education to dentists and their teams across the country. Through a hybrid approach, our program allows for flexibility, convenience and travel cost savings.

Ways to attend

The first option is to attend all sessions in a live setting. This is because many dentists feel that being there in person is the best learning experience possible.

For the second option, this is why we call it a hybrid. It includes two sessions that are virtual and interactive and two sessions that are in-person. This means you can get the lectures and learn from the comfort of your own home, and still participate in both the TMD and sleep hands-on portion of the course at the in-person sessions.

What you will learn

Throughout the four part mini residency, there are a variety of things that dentists will learn, including: 

  • Understand the importance of anatomy and neuroanatomy as it applies to pain and sleep.
  • Understand the pain and sleep history and the relevance of asking the questions and its impact on your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Obtain skills to perform a comprehensive examination for pain and sleep patients.
  • How to diagnosis the various TMD, Orofacial pain conditions and manage them.
  • Learn how to get paid for your services and build a pain and sleep practice.
  • Understanding imaging and its findings as it impacts your treatment plan.

The first session begins October 13-14 and will continue through January at Tufts University in Boston. Sign up before spaces fill up!