If you have not joined Terry Bennett, DMD, and Mayoor Patel, DDS, for a continuing education course at Ben-Pat Institute, you’re missing out! Ben-Pat Institute remains committed to providing continuing dental education in orofacial pain (OFP), temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and dental sleep medicine (DSM). Together they go beyond that to link the correlation of these conditions together to help make you a more skilled clinician in these disciplines to further help your patients.

About Ben-Pat Institute

Dr. Terry Bennett and Dr. Mayoor Patel formed Ben-Pat Institute to bring a higher and deeper level of education in the area of orofacial pain, temporomandibular joint disorders and dental sleep medicine.

When we advanced our individual practices to provide services around pain and sleep, no such program of mentorship or structured education existed. We went through years of trial and error which made us who we are. 

However, we don’t want other dentists to have to go through what we did. We want to make sure other dentists and their practices avoid the hardship of incorporating such services. Instead, we want to see everyone succeed because patients desperately need this type of care and so few are doing it.

The mission

Provide mentorship to help with the transfer of your education into clinical practice because education goes beyond just learning the facts.

We want to make sure you can successfully implement these services in your dental practice – we’re in this together.

Mentorship is available too

Our courses offer a two month complimentary mentorship that allows you to ask us questions or for further guidance as you begin to implement services around orofacial pain, TMD and dental sleep medicine. If additional guidance and advice is needed beyond the first two months, we do offer a pay-as-you-go mentorship service.

The bottom line is that Drs. Bennett and Patel want you to succeed and feel confident in your education. Whether you provide sleep, pain or TMJ disorders, or you offer all three, we want to make sure you can successfully transition your practice with this new information. Patients are suffering from sleep apnea, jaw pain and other conditions that are connected to their oral health that often go unnoticed.

Together we can make sure those patients are finally seen and that is where your practice comes in.