What are you doing June 9-10? Well, if you don’t have any plans, you’re in luck because BenPat Institute is offering a hands on splint course! This is an all inclusive course that will help you create your own orthotics. We will be making many of the different orthotics that I use and I will also be demonstrating how to change the orthotics to fit any need that you might have. 

This course will provide each dentist with a better understanding and clarity behind the use of each orthotic. We understand that it can get quite confusing when it comes to choosing the right orthotic, but we are here to help. 

What you will learn

During the two day education course, you will learn a variety of things to help improve your patients’ health and well-being, including:

  • When and why to use the various TMD appliances.
  • Understand chair-side fabrication of a TMD splint (hands on).
  • The process from impression to fabrication to delivery of TMD splints that can be done in your office (hands on).
  • Understand the various bite registration methods for TMD points – when and which method to consider.
  • Balancing to relining appliances (hands on)
  • How to make an in office EMA and get certified so you can provide this sleep appliance for your patients.

A look at day one

On the first day, we will start with an introduction to intraoral orthotics. This will be followed by disc interference disorders encountered with TMD. 

Then, in the afternoon, there will be lab exercises to walk you through how to create the different orthotics used for disc displacement and closed locking. We will also have exercises on taking bite to recapture the disc and how to do this in the mouth. Lastly, we will change orthotics from an anterior deprogrammer to a Farrar appliance for disc stabilization.

A look at day two

On to day two! In the morning, we will discuss muscle disorders encountered with TMD. Then we will construct orthotics to treat this as well as the superior reposition appliance, rest position appliance and pain release. 

Now, for the afternoon we will focus on construction of the EMA sleep appliance to use as both a TMD night appliance and a sleep appliance if needed.Certification upon completion allows the doctor to construct the EMA in his or her own lab. And lastly, to close out the course, we will have a question and answer segment. 

We look forward to seeing you there June 9-10 to learn more about splints for TMD and sleep apnea.