While this might be from June, I was curious about what other dentists have experienced with this? Have you completed this crossword puzzle? If so, how well did you do? As I was reading Sleep Review, I saw this dental sleep medicine themed crossword puzzle and it is great! If you haven’t taken your turn at completing this crossword puzzle on sleep medicine! 

Taken from Sleep Review, here is the crossword and the hints can be found below. 


  1. WHO suggested this activity as an alternative to screen time for children, in addition to reading, storytelling, and singing.
  2. It drives a CPAP.
  3. Disorder where breathing stops and starts during sleep due to the brain not sending adequate signals to breathing muscles, abbreviation.
  4. Craving.
  5. Connector used during sleep study.
  6. Responsibility.
  7. Time of arrival, abbr.
  8. Motionless.
  9. Series of repeating events, such as stages of sleep.
  10. Discharge, as a nose.
  11. Stopped sleeping.
  12. Shows signs of waking.
  13. Close to, abbreviation.
  14. Ocean motions.
  15. Origins.
  16. Government hospital, abbreviation.
  17. Makers of the travel-friendly Z2 CPAP.
  18. Most common form of treatment for sleep apnea, abbr.
  19. Ending from breath and sleep.
  20. Volcanic material that can cause severe air pollution.
  21. Basketball organization, abbr.
  22. Susceptibility to a substance that can cause sleep problems.


  1. Recent WHO study confirmed this type of activity is vital in a child’s early life.
  2. Phrase meaning very tired and exhausted, 2 words.
  3. Nearing depletion.
  4. Eliminating the use of these lit-up devices an hour before bedtime can help improve a child’s sleep.
  5. Milliampere, abbr.
  6. Medicine that strengthens.
  7. Manufacturers of the AirFitN30i CPAP mask.
  8. Prepared.
  9. Non-invasive method of monitoring human/rest activity cycles.
  10. Market analyst’s find.
  11. Recent Swedish study linked heavy ____ with loss of nerves and muscle mass in the soft palate.
  12. Kind of sleep.
  13. This ____ test, 2 words.
  14. Recent project in the UK found that  stopping drinks high in this helped improve sleep and quality of life for kids.
  15. Tube anatomically.
  16. Training ___.
  17. Architectural annex.
  18. Person over 60, abbr.
  19. Be worthwhile.
  20. Latin for note well, abbr.

What other hints would you share for a future crossword puzzle on Sleep Review? I’d love to hear what you are thinking!