Patients with headaches may often have a hard time sleeping. They may even attempt to go to a quiet space to sleep in order to relieve their throbbing pain. But it is important to note that one common indicator of sleep apnea is waking up with headaches. 

In fact, at least 50% of people who wake up with headaches might have sleep apnea. Another common problem that can cause headaches upon waking is bruxism, or teeth grinding. So, when your patients experience headaches, what do you do?

Provide proper treatment for both conditions

Sleep-related headaches are a throbbing pain, which can include nausea and vomiting. As a dentist, you can help provide relief through the availability of an oral appliance. Many times, bite guards or oral appliances can help relieve aching jaw muscles caused by bruxism or misaligned jaws that might be leading to sleep apnea. 

Through treatment of sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy, your patients can experience improved sleep while also resolving any pain they might be experiencing from headaches. In addition to oral appliance therapy, it is also important for patients to maintain a regular sleep schedule as well.  

Let’s take charge of our patients’ health by providing proper treatment of sleep apnea and headaches.