Treating Craniofacial Pain in a Dental Office

Craniofacial pain can be a difficult subject, as dentists typically receive very little education and exposure to treating patients with these conditions.  Dr. Mayoor Patel understands the importance of furthering a dentist’s education in the area of craniofacial pain, as it is beneficial for patients when they visit their dentist’s office.

Dr. Patel has received extensive training in treating craniofacial pain and is available to work with other dentists to provide proper training so that he or she can provide craniofacial pain diagnosis and treatment at their dental offices.

This pain is not new.  However, it is important to understand where this pain is coming from and how to properly treat it.  As a dentist, you are the first line of defense for patients suffering from craniofacial pain, as there is a growing realization that a common cause of this pain is possibly through a bad bite or parafunctional reasons. By attending lectures provided by Dr. Mayoor Patel, dentists will learn about their role in the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial pain.

As an expert in craniofacial pain, Dr. Mayoor Patel provides dentists with the information they need to know to properly diagnose and treat their patients so they don’t have to deal with their pain anymore. By visiting the lecture page, you can find the next available Craniofacial Pain Lecture lead by Dr. Mayoor Patel.

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