What does your diet look like? When a patient suffers from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) their diet can play a huge role in their pain. While it is important to eat healthy, TMD sufferers need to be aware of the food they are eating because it can further complicate their condition. The last thing you need is your patients experiencing more pain because they are making poor food choices.  

To help your patients gain a better understanding of what to eat and what not to eat I have created an infographic showcases good food choices for TMD sufferers. In the infographic below, we cover a variety of areas and provide some suggestions to follow:

TMD- Watch What You Eat


Feel free to download the above infographic for use in your office. Remember, handouts and visuals for patients are often extremely helpful in getting the right information across to them. For more information on TMD and how you can help your patients, please visit my lectures page or send me an email! I’m more than happy to talk to you further about TMD and your patients.