What will life post COVID-19 look like? While we are not sure, we can take steps to prepare our teams for what might come. We know that everything about life has changed and will remain changed for some time. The main way you can prepare your dental team for life after the pandemic is to embrace team-based care. 

Why team-based care?

In the era of COVID-19, dental practice has become more complicated. But your team is there to help. By embracing team-based care, you can continue to thrive now and into the post-COVID-19 era–whenever that will be.

Team building doesn’t just happen all at once. It is an ongoing process that requires effective leadership, time, effort and expertise. Additionally, it will need to continue to occur and develop while you, the dentist, continues to see patients for eight hours a day. 

What this involves

Everyone has their own personal issues or safety concerns they are working through during the pandemic and that is OK. When it comes to team-based care, remember to:

  • Remain open and honest with your team.
  • Solicit feedback from your team. 
  • Get your team on board for a change in responsibilities. 

Make a commitment to teamwork

A practice’s culture is all about the team. If everyone feels valued and appreciated it, things will run smoothly during and after a pandemic, but let’s hope we don’t have one for a long time if at all. Committing to team-based care will ensure that everyone is on board with the change and that when something needs to be done, it will be without hesitation–sometimes without needing to involve you. 

Everyone is valuable to your team, so make sure they know that. If they bring up a concern, listen empathically and work together to find a solution. This will ensure everyone remains safe now and in the future. And if the unthinkable happens down the road, you will already have a team that works together and shares responsibilities.

It’s time to build a culture around everyone working together now and into the future. The COVID-19 recovery will not be easy, but together you and your team can accomplish it.