The Do Georgia Association of Sleep Professions (GASP) was created in 2008 to provide support for sleep medicine professionals. In 2009, Dr. Mayoor Patel joined the Board of Directors of GASP until 2012. Most recently, Dr. Patel is honored cheap NBA jerseys to announce that their wholesale nba jerseys current members have voted him back into the Board of Directors of GASP.

By joining GASP in 2014, Dr. Mayoor Patel looks forward to working with other me sleep medicine Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys professionals, while also continuing to provide his patients with the best in quality Smoothie care available. As a member of GASP, Dr. Patel has showcased his commitment to the following:

·      The Meeting best sleep medicine practices

·      Patient-centered values

·      Leadership in sleep medicine

·      Accountability

·      Collaboration with other sleep medicine professionals

·      Open communication

Dr. Mayoor Patel manages his own practice, while also providing dentists with the information and materials they need to treat their patients through wholesale jerseys MAP-LAB and lectures throughout the year. As a member of GASP, Dr. Patel continues to provide superior care and knowledge in the area of sleep medicine so that dentists can treat their patients and patients can receive the treatment they need to get a better night’s sleep every night.

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