Get Ready for Session 2 – Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD

On May 16th and 17th we will be holding Session 2 of the Sleep Medicine and Dentistry Mini-Residency. If you joined us for Session 1 we look forward to seeing you here for session 2 this month! This mini-residency provides lectures, hands-on workshops, and case reviews. By completing all 3 sessions you will receive approximately 48 CE Credits.

Session two is completed in two days and will provide the following:

  • Understanding the Polysomnogram and HST
  • Understanding the TMJ and its interrelationship with SDB
  • Treatment options for OSA
  • Process of appliance delivery and titration of OA
  • Understanding treatment failures
  • Managing side effects of OAT
  • Understanding the role of the nasal passage, CT of nasal and airway, sinus and GERD in OSA
  • Question and answer on cases treated in your office
  • Fitting of appliance (hands-on activity)

We look forward to seeing you at session 2 of the Sleep Medicine and Dentistry Mini-Residency. By attending, you are taking the next step toward a well rounded dental practice.

Dental Sleep Course, Atlanta GA

Had a great time educating Dentists and their staff on dental sleep medicine. They were exposed to screening, making a referral for diagnosis and managing those that preferred an oral appliance.

Join Us at the Nierman Seminar on May 9th and 10th!

Want to learn about Successful Implementation of Dental painting Sleep Medicine in Atlanta? The Nierman Seminar of is being held May 9-10th in Atlanta, GA and is being taught by Dr. Mayoor Patel. By attending this course, you will gain the tools necessary to successfully implement dental sleep medicine (DSM) in your area.

This is Dr. Patel’s fourth year leading this seminar that has helped over 2,000 dentists and their team members grow their practice while saving their patients’ lives. While there might be other courses out there, this lecture series stands out from the rest because Dr. Mayoor wholesale jerseys Patel provides:

1.    Practical Implementation Focus – This course was created to effectively train each key member of a practice throughout all stages of implementation for success and speed.

2.    Learn from Clinical and Administrative Industry Leaders – We understand what it takes to build some of Turismo the most successful dental sleep medicine and TMD practices in North America. We are also respected for our innovative scientific contributions and work to help other practices succeed in the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine.

3.    Become a Successful CrossCode™ Office – Integrating medical cheap jerseys insurance reimbursement is not a barrier, but an opportunity for you to maximize your cheap jerseys ROI dental sleep medicine and other medically necessary treatments.

4.    Hands-on – Each attendee will have the chance to participate in interactive sessions AACP because the best way to learn is through a hands-on approach.

5.    Ongoing Support Network – After completing this course, you will gain access to an ongoing support network wholesale nba jerseys that is available to assist you with all aspects of implementing dental sleep medicine into your practice.

What are the Details?

The Nierman Seminar will take place at Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center located at:

800 Spring St. NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30308

(404) Georgia 347-9440

Please join Dr. Mayoor Patel on Friday, May 9, 2014 and Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 2012 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to learn more about successful implementation of dental sleep medicine in Atlanta. For more information on this seminar and to register, please visit

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